Car Key Replacement and Other Auto Locksmith Services

  • December 25, 2020

Car key replacements are the only option when the conventional keys are jammed or misplaced. The hassle of losing your car keys is not only on the minds of car owners, but also on the shoulders of drivers. Are you experiencing problems with your car’s ignition switch or the car key caps have stopped functioning? If the keys are stuck in the car ignition, don’t try to force it open or you might just damage your ignition switch to bring expensive repair and replacement to your problem.

It’s a good idea to get the assistance of a professional when dealing with car key replacement. There are a variety of spare parts that are sold in the market. However, some of these parts are only meant for a particular brand of cars like a Toyota, Ford, Dodge, etc. The parts are not universal and hence one should make sure that they are buying a genuine product from a reliable source. Also, if you are replacing or repairing the locks of the car, be sure you are buying original equipment type of spare parts as there can be compatibility issues if you are using generic spare parts.

When it comes to car key replacement, it is very important that you find a credible dealer or manufacturer that deals with original equipment products. You must be careful of fraudulent car locksmiths who sell duplicate or sub-par products at a very cheap rate. These sugar products won’t work as they aren’t designed for your specific needs and specifications. Also, if you are not buying OEM products, you could encounter problems later on as the warranty is nullified if you return the product within a few months of purchase. Make sure you know the brand name and model number of the spare part you are going to buy from the manufacturer.

If you are looking for car key replacement or auto locksmith services, you will have to choose the locksmiths on your list based on the reputation and experience. It is advisable to choose locksmiths that provide you with both standard services as well as some extra services, depending on your needs. Many auto locksmiths today offer services like key duplication, programming, tune-ups, and even dead locksmith services (locksmiths that help you secure a locked car). For standard services, most of these auto locksmiths will open the door, open the trunk, enter the vehicle and perform basic repairs.

Key duplication is usually done on the basis of original manufacturer keys or original keys copied by the locksmiths from other sources. Some dealerships also supply keys directly to their customers, while for standard keys or ignition switches, one has to visit the local dealership’s authorized service center or showroom. With programmed keys, the customer can easily enter a pin code to start the car and then disarm it. Most of the installations of this kind take less than an hour and require a few hours of technician work.

In case of deadbolts or car key replacement, the customer has to first look for companies providing the required spare parts. It is then advised to choose a dealer offering quality repair services at reasonable prices. After purchasing the required components, he has to install them in a proper manner. The key fobs usually come in various colors, sizes and types, and the color of the fobs may vary from the original model of the vehicle. One has to select the appropriate color fob, install it in the lock mechanism, and test the fob to ensure that it works properly.


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